A continuous increase of sales, not only on domestic, but also on foreign market is a result of manufacturing processes development and the quality of products and services of the Company Končar- Generators and Motors. 

The total income generated in 2016 to € 37.5 million out of which 72% was gained in export.

The most important partner countries are Finland, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, Turkey, Austria, etc.


Excellence in manufacturing of generators and motors, as well as rendering supporting services, is a permanent objective of both - the current and the future development of the Company Končar – Generators and Motors Inc. This objective is being fulfilled through continuous improvements of in-house product manufacturing processes and development of manufacturing technologies.

Considering all comparative benefits founded in the tradition of industrial production as well as the European technical culture environment, the geographical position in the South Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean, the Company production programme is oriented towards the high tech tailor-maid products.

The satisfaction of clients with the delivered equipment and rendered services comprising of a permanent care and maintenance, upgrading, refurbishment and modernisation not only of products made by the Company, but also those made by other manufacturers represent a warranty of a successful presence and development of the Company Končar – Generators and Motors Inc. in the constantly changing world market.