10. 2. 2017 On the right bank of the river Cetina a small hydropower plant (SHP) Prančevići was put into operation.

The plant with the engine room is located in the immediate vicinity of the dam Prančevići (Zakučac) with water intake from the existing reservoirs.

The construction of the plant for the HEP Production client was contracted by the consortium of KONČAR companies; Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering (KET) as a leader and Electronics and Informatics (INEM) as a member.

The contract "turnkey", in addition to manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the complete electric equipment, also covers all necessary construction work, otherwise very complex because of the existing project on the dam Prančevići.

Besides KET and INEM, other KONČAR companies paticipated in the realization of this project: Generators and Motors, Switchgear, Distribution and Special Transformers and Engineering Co. for Plant Installation & Commissioning.

Installed derivative power of MHE Prančevići is 1.15 MW, and its annual production will be up to nine million kWh of electricity.

The plant does not have permanent staff, but is automated and remotely managed from the HP Zakučac.