2. 6. 2017 The company KONČAR - Generators and Motors (GIM) was selected as the most faverable bidder for rehabilitation and increasing of power for the G2 generator at Hydro Power Plant (HP) Moforsen in Sweden.

The job of rehabilitating and increasing the power of the G2 generator with 50 MVA to 64 MVA includes delivery of a new stator and pole as well as dismantling, rehabilitation of existing generator parts, installation, field testing and commissioning.

The first 18 kV voltage stator that GIM made in the VPI insulation system was successfully delivered to the customer and has already been shipped to HP Moforsen for the start of assembly work.

Last year, GIM agreed with the same buyer to revitalize the generator at two power plants in Sweden HP Storfinnforsen and HP Turinge.