KONČAR at 2017 UNICEF Milky Way Humanitarian Race

11. 9. 2017 The first UNICEF Milky Way Humanitarian Race was held in Zagreb, on Sunday, 10th September, 2017 with the aim to support the foundation of the first Human Milk Bank in Croatia.

The race and the event was initialled by UNICEF in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Association for Breastfeeding Support, and generously supported by KONČAR. During the event HKR 750,000 was collected for the foundation of the Bank.
Human Milk Banks exist worldwide and their main objective is to provide mother milk nutrition for children who are separated from their mums because of illness or some other problem. It refers in the first line to prematurely born sprats and there are some two thousands of them in Croatia annually.
Kvaternik square was selected as the beginning and the end of round races. Besides 2000 Croatian runners, amateurs from neighbouring countries participated in 5.100 and 10.000 meter races, as well as runners from Poland, Germany, United States of America, as well as one competitor from Argentina and India.
KONČAR established a Running Team for the stated event gathering 38 runners and amateurs that won the second team place, while Ivan Murat from KONČAR- Institute for Electrical Engineering won the second individual place in the 10 kilometre race. Bojan Matić, Davor Šišić and Ivona Mlađenović represented KONČAR- Generators and Motors.