1. 2. 2018 Končar – Generators and Motors Inc. signed a contract for delivery of 2 new vertical generators and auxiliary systems with FARAB CO., Iran on 5th September, 2017. It is the first contract made by and between Končar –GIM and FARAB Company that constructs Khoda Afarin Hydro Power Plant on B.O.T. principle for the end user, East Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority.

Khoda Afarin Hydro Power Plant is a new plant under construction on the Aras River situated on the border between Iran and Azerbaijan, only one kilometre far away from the worl-famous Khoda Afarin Bridges built in the time period from 11th to 13th century. Bridges connect the territory of Iran with Nagorno-Karabakh, an Azerbaijani territory.
In addition to two 2 new vertical hydro generators of the power of 56 MVA, Končar – GIM scope of delivery comprises the delivery of the static excitation system with electrical braking, current transformers, monitoring, generator earthing system, firefighting protection. Besides Končar -GIM, the following Končar Group Companies participate in the Project: Electronics and Informatics, Metal Structures, Instrument Transformers and Institute for Electrical Engineering, while the firefighting system will be outsourced.
Končar GIM scope of delivery also comprises services of the supervision of the erection and assembly, supervision of testing and putting both generators into operation.
The delivery of the equipment (stator, rotor and other parts) for the first generator is planned for the beginning of 2019, while the equipment for the second generator will be delivered successively with a time shift of 2 months compared to the first one. Works on site are planned to last 7 to 8 months for each unit from the moment of arrival of the equipment to the construction site.
This Contract has an utmost significance not only for Končar -GIM, but also for the Končar Group as a whole since we are reopening the market of Iran.