The KONČAR Group has gained the prominence as a recognisable promoter of a socially responsible behaviour.

KONČAR has established the environment management system and has achieved important results in waste management. It has been continually planning, implementing, examining and assessing the efficiency of performed activities bound to the environmental protection. KONČAR uses the most recent business processes and technologies to improve the usability of energy and water and to decrease emissions of harmful gases into the nature.

The social responsibility relies on the human potential and it is the main holder of the Company development. Highly motivated, educated and skilled employees having the possibility to grow and develop themselves together with the company are of the utmost importance for the success. As a socially responsible company, KONČAR cherishes a rich and various cooperation with the narrower and the wider social environment while interactive interference increases our mutual connections.The Social Responsibility Report prepared by KONČAR – Electrical Industry Inc. for each year is available here.